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Developer: One Cow Standing
Updated: 2022-11-29
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Description: Explore the Hurdle wordle game online to build your vocabulary and increase your speed in spelling games. Hurdle Game allows you to guess words with some given letters.

About Hurdle Game

Are you interested in getting familiar with English Vocabulary? Or do you love word spelling games? This is another interesting option for you. Hurdle Game is a fun word-guessing game with some given letters to choose words from.

The word guess gaming concept has been around for several years; however, Hurdle Game features unique gameplay as it adds numerous letters to create words as you move to the next round.

When you play, you can use the wordle game answer to find answers with the letters you are given and win points. Explore this game with other players online. As you read further, you will see some exciting features of the Hurdle Game.

Features of Hurdle Game

Below are the exciting features of the Hurdle Game;

Great user interface

Hurdle Game features an excellent user interface making the game accessible to many players online. The other features and settings of the game are not bulky or complicated. You can easily enjoy your gaming experience with the excellent user interface it possesses.

Interesting Gameplay

Though the Hurdle game is a word competition game, compared to other word games, it doesn't place a word count speed on players making it easy to play and helping players take their time while playing.

Hurdle Game has interesting gameplay that will stimulate players to play more while they pass the time and enjoy leisure.

Hint Feature

If the words are getting complicated or confusing, Hurdle Game has a hint icon you can click on to provide letters that start a word in the box. Asides from that, the word tiles comes in a colour that will help you know if you're on the right track with the word.

There is a green or yellow colour that shows when you click on a letter. The green tells you you are correct with the letter, and it is in the proper position, while the yellow indicates the correct letter is in the wrong position.

Restart or Replay Feature

Hurdle Game has a game restart icon that players can press to start the game afresh. This could happen if there is no chance to proceed in the game.

Beautiful layout

Hurdle Game features eye-catching graphics. This feature has attracted customers to the site making Hurdle Game have many fan players worldwide.

Other Games like Hurdle Game

Do you enjoy the fun gameplay of hurdle games? Below are some games you can explore that are similar to the Hurdle game;

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These games involve creating or guessing words with the given letters. Visit for more.

How to Play Hurdle Game

Are you just getting to know this game, and you're interested in playing? We have got you. Playing Hurdle Game online is easy, and the rules are explanatory; where you have to guess five letters word correctly in 8 attempts.

After each try, you will get a hint if the letter is correct. The green colour shows that the letter is correct and it is correctly placed. The yellow tile shows that the letter is correct but wrongly placed. The colours will make you know if you're on track. To play;

  • Check out each letter and thick of words around them
  • You can check wordle 2 answers to give a hint about the word
  • Think of the longest word and create words from it. This will help you streamline other words.

This is quite simple and easy to understand. Explore the hurdle unlimited gameplay and share with friends.


There are several word competition games in the world today. However, the Hurdle game is an excellent alternative to other word games. If you love word games, you will enjoy this game. It is an updated gameplay version of other word game, as you will guess.

The hurdle game will test your English vocabulary and literacy. Enjoy playing with friends and exploring its features.



What is the Hurdle Game word today? +

Hurdle game word is a word game, a puzzle and a word guessing online game. The Hurdle Game word today has improved greatly in features offering players a great gaming experience. It is fun and intellectual as it helps you think of vocabulary throughout the gameplay.

How does the Hurdle Game work? +

When you open the game, you will find a block of letters which you can create words from. When you complete the given boxes with the letters, you will proceed to another level with added letters to the preceding ones, and your previous game is in the new round, hence the name hurdle.

Anytime you feel the boxes, the tile colour changes to tell your closeness to the correct word. You will enjoy playing this game.

Is Hurdle Game free? +

Hurdle game is a completely free online game. You don't need to pay or register to enjoy guessing words.

Where to play the Hurdle game? +

You can play the Hurdle game online in IziGames or Visit the Hurdle game site.