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Time Shooter 2

Rating: 7.9 (81 vote)
Developer: GoGoMan
Updated: 2023-02-13
Category: Shooting

Description: Play Time shooter 2 Unblocked and have fun in this exciting first person shooter game. Time stops until you move, so you have to plan your next move carefully to win.

Time Shooter 2 Unblocked: Amazing First Shooter Game

Shooting games don’t get as exciting as this, the gameplay and concept of this game are fascinating, and it appeals to everyone that plays it. It’s different from other shooter games.

Time shooter 2 is an action game where time stops until you move your character. While time is not running, players are meant to plan their moves and strategies on how they want to attack and defend against the opponent's upcoming attack.

What makes it cooler is the slow-motion effects that happen during battle, it has one of the coolest battle effects in a mobile game we’ve ever seen, and you can play it here for free at IziGames.

GoGoMan designed and developed this game, which was released in March 2022, although there was a recent update on the 26th of September, 2022, which brought better graphics and improved gameplay.

This is a fantastic game with amazing graphics and simple controls. It is one of the most incredible action games, and gamers worldwide absolutely adore it, start playing it and remain engaged always!

Cool Game Features on Time Shooter 2 Unblocked Games

This game is filled with different cool features. Some of them include the following:

Multiple Weapons:

As it is a shooter game, many weapons are scattered across the map that you can use to battle. Discover new weapons as you move across and use the best ones to take out your opponents.

First Person Shooter Game:

Although it is an action game, it is a first person shooter game where you have a fantastic appearance and unique graphics. The overall design of the game is impressive and very realistic.

Slow Motions Effects:

During play, when you’re fighting against your opponents, cool slow-motion effects make the game look incredible. It’s something you should look out for as it gives a thrill.

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Time Shooter 2 Game Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips that’ll give you a better gaming experience.

  1. Watch ads to get unlimited ammo for at least one level.
  2. Before you move around, you should always check your surroundings.
  3. If your enemies aren’t close by, you should always use long-range weapons like snipers.


Time Shooter 2 is a fantastic game with impressive graphics and multiple levels, so you will never get bored. What are you waiting for? Start playing this game today and never get bored.


Frequently Asked Questions about Time Shooter 2 Free Online

Is Time Shooter 2 the only game in the series? +

There are more games under the time shooter series, and you can check them out.

What is the best gun to use? +

There are many unique guns, but the best ones should be shotguns. They do a lot of damage.

Is it free to play? +

It is s free game, and you can enjoy playing it here at IziGames.