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Kategori shooting game identik dengan aksi tembak menembak, chaos, dan kelincahan yang sangat menarik. Untuk kategori ini di situs web Game Online (IziGames.Net).

    Shooting Games - Requires agility and high accuracy

    The shooting game category is synonymous with shooting action, chaos, and agility which makes it very interesting to play. This game seems to make every player be able to shoot with good accuracy and precision. Especially if shooter games are played through smartphones. Currently, there are many choices of shooter games that can be played via smartphones, both online and offline. Where, a number of shooter games offer game action that makes the players feel at home for long while playing it. Here are a number of recommendations for the best shooter games on the Online Games website (IziGames.Net) that can be your choice to fill your spare time. As the name implies, this type of game contains shooting. However, in this game you will play a character from a first-person perspective. No wonder in some games, characters are only shown in the form of hands or weapons. In this FPS game you will find various missions that you must complete. In this game, players need reflexes, eye and hand coordination until the time is right. Examples of this type of game are Dead Effect and Counter Strike. Apart from that, this game is actually similar to FPS. This shooting game differs only from the player's point of view. Usually this game will show players looking half body or third person point of view. Examples of this game are Dead Space to Hello