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    In its development, the game continues to grow from time to time. From the beginning of the history of the first game to appear, the game genre is only limited to simple games such as board games or mini games. Action games are designed to test accuracy, precision and hand dexterity on a PC or mobile keyboard. This action game category has become one of the most popular categories from the past until now. The action game category can indeed be formed with various types of games. The characteristics possessed by this category present elements of action and action. In addition, shooting action, war, hitting each other, and reflex movements are packaged in the action game category. Many games today offer action-themed games. You can find this category of action-themed games on the IziGames.Net website, especially at Online Games. The various types of games that are presented can be in several sub categories. Such as jumping and climbing action games, there is shooting, there is action fighting or fighting with various characters, there are also fighting games between 1 player against many enemies, as well as stealth spy action, and the last one focuses on survival in the game.