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Barely Working

Rating: 9.3 (40 vote)
Updated: 2023-05-03
Category: Arcade

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Barely Working: Time management game

In Barely Working, you take on the role of Candace, an office staff member who needs to complete a report while managing her team of employees. However, her coworkers frequently stop by her desk for a brief talk, which distracts her from her work. As Candace, your goal is to complete your report while managing your team and handling your coworkers' interruptions.

Working and Talking Mode.

The game revolves around two modes: working and talking. In the working mode, Candace focuses on completing her report, but her productivity meter determines the proportion of time she uses. The meter decreases when Candace is interrupted by her coworkers, and it increases when she successfully completes a task.

In talking mode, Candace can talk to her coworkers to appease them and get them out of her hair. However, too many coworkers will eventually overwhelm her, and it's advisable to return to working mode as soon as possible.

The game also features a task list, which lists Candace's tasks and deadlines. She needs to manage her time effectively to complete her tasks and meet her deadlines.

Game Objectives

The primary objective of the game is to complete Candace's report on time while managing her team and handling her coworkers' interruptions. To achieve this objective, the player needs to balance Candace's time between working on her report, managing her team, and handling her coworkers' interruptions.

Secondary objectives include completing all the tasks on Candace's task list, improving her productivity meter, and minimizing the number of interruptions from her coworkers.

Game Environment

The game environment is set in an office space, with Candace's desk as the central location. The office has several other desks, and coworkers frequently walk around and stop by Candace's desk for a chat.


Overall, Barely Working is an engaging and challenging game that tests the player's time-management and multitasking skills. With its relatable setting and relatable gameplay mechanics, the game is sure to appeal to anyone who has ever worked in an office environment.