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Rating: 9.2 (90 vote)
Updated: 2023-04-28
Category: Arcade

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Gameplay Overview of Survive

Players start the game with one playable character, Isabel, and must explore the world to find and recruit two additional characters, Leona and Alexandria, who have specific requirements for joining the team. Each character has unique abilities and strengths that players can use to complete missions.

Mission Objectives

To win the game, players must complete all 12 missions within the 45-day time limit. Each mission presents a new challenge that players must overcome, such as rescuing hostages, securing resources, or infiltrating enemy territory. Success in each mission unlocks new equipment, items, and abilities that can be used to complete subsequent missions.

Character Management

Players must manage the schedules of their characters using a schedule journal. By assigning tasks to each character, players can maximize their efficiency and complete missions more effectively. The journal displays a calendar that shows the tasks and their duration, allowing players to plan and prioritize their tasks.

Recruiting Leona and Alexandria

Players must find a first-aid kit for Leona and a cure for Alexandria before they can recruit them to their team. Leona is a skilled fighter and can take down enemies quickly, while Alexandria has medical expertise that can heal the team and increase their survival chances.


"Survive" is a challenging game that requires players to carefully manage their resources, characters, and time to complete all 12 missions within the 45-day time limit. With unique characters, challenging missions, and a variety of equipment and items to collect, players will have a thrilling experience as they fight to bring an end to the Hunters and restore peace to the world.