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Lovecraft Locker

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Updated: 2023-03-03
Category: Adventure

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About Lovecraft Locker

Lovecraft Locker is a horror-themed game where players assume the roles of high school girls. It is based on a story where the high school seems safe until the students unintentionally summon the scary monster Cthulhu to the school. With its long tentacles and evil nature, this creature seeks to destroy every part of the school, including the students.

The students must find a way to return it to its world and seal the portal through which it came to earth. While doing this, they must also avoid the monster’s grasp as they risk death if it gets to them.

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Key Features Of Lovecraft Locker

Lovecraft Locker is an Android simulation game that offers the following features:

  • Excellent Graphics: Lovecraft Locker has quite an interesting look. The cartoon graphics are the first elements you notice when you launch the game and are particularly impressive. The school buildings and students are designed with great attention to detail, and the animations and transitions are smooth.
  • Free Gameplay: You don’t have to pay to play! Even though it offers fun content, this game is free to play. If you’re into horror simulation games where you get to immerse yourself in a beautifully-written story, try this one out without stressing your pockets.
  • Ad-free Gaming: Ads can be very annoying, especially when they pop up when you’re just really getting into the game. Thankfully, this app does not have this problem. Experience gameplay without worrying about an ad or two popping up during your gaming. Play comfortably without getting distracted by video ads.
  • Simple Controls: Game controls are very important, especially in simulation games where you must roleplay to keep the story flowing. Easy controls make the game easy to understand, and Lovecraft Locker offers this. Your character has to move a lot to play the game, and you can do this with the simple controls provided.
  • Simulation Gameplay: Lovecraft Locker occurs in a school setting where you play the villain's part. Playing as the monster, you can drag girls into lockers using your tentacles. There, you can dress them up in outfits of your choice, and they have to abide by all your wishes.
  • Anime-Themed Game: Lovecraft Locker is a simple anime game. If you like watching anime series and movies, you’ll like gaming in the anime world even better. Meet many anime-like girls in your school and use the opportunity the game gives you to interact with them.
  • Variety of Characters: There are so many pretty girls to chat with and capture in the lockers you find yourself. From blondes to brown-haired girls with the shortest of skirts, there’s variety in the selection here. Take a break from reality, and enjoy the exciting scenes you get to create in Lovecraft Locker.

In addition to the features listed above, Lovecraft Locker provides unusual simulation gameplay that will keep you on your toes throughout the game. Fret not, and it still offers the relaxing time that all games do.

System Requirements Of Lovecraft Locker

As mentioned earlier, Lovecraft Locker is an Android application. It requires an Android device running Android 4.4 or higher. It has a file size of 55MB, which is not a lot because it is a simulation game. That’s all you need to start playing the game on your device.

Download the file, grant your device permission to install from unknown sources, and install and launch the app. Don’t forget you must download new files to install the updated game versions. Have a fun time enjoying yourself in the Lovecraft Locker!

Useful Tips For Playing Lovecraft Locker

Lovecraft Locker is a fun time for lovers of tentacle locker games. With a colorful set of missions and tasks for you to complete, this game will have you glued to your screen for a while. Move between the lockers easily and make as many female friends as possible until you’re tired. Here are some tips you’ll find helpful when playing:

Maximize Your Freebies

Sometimes, you’ll get gifted features you should usually have to pay for. Make sure you don’t waste these freebies. Use them wisely, especially since some may never be gifted to you again in the game.

Enjoy Your Game

Lovecraft Licker has a simple interface, easy controls, and generally uncomplicated gameplay that proves to you that the developers aimed to make it easy for players to enjoy the gameplay. So, do exactly that. Enjoy every part of playing this game. You don’t want to disappoint the developers, do you?


The best part of this game is that you get to play the villain’s role. Most games focus on letting players be heroes and capitalize on the save-the-day mentality, but not this one. Lovecraft Locker allows you to wreak havoc and cause chaos to your heart’s content.

You are the monster summoned to the school. Now, the students must face your wrath as you drag each of them into the lockers to do your bidding. It’s a game, so you don’t have to be nice. Here, you can be as mean as you want to be!